Earth Run: Race Preparation and some drama

What happened today to me was a mix of several human emotions.I woke up knowing that I’ll be able to test one of the best shoes Nike  has ever produced in the market, the Nike LunarGlide+. Tried it for 2 kilometers around oval track and it feels so good,bouncy and works well with my shins. Probably one of those days wherein you finally figured out the right partner for your feet. I was so happy about it until an accident happens… Later lunch time Family decided to go to Alabang Town Center and in the Molino road, a motor speeding on my right side collide near the front part of my car. I was so worried I thought I killed both passengers but good thing nothing serious happened. Both passengers were wearing helmets (thick ones) so I know their heads are OK, except the driver whose collar bone was fractured. He did undergo a 1 hour operation to put a metal and connect the collar bone and he’s in the recovery area now. He can go home on Monday morning according to the ortho. I was so worried over the expense but thank God it wasn’t that much. I was expecting more than a hundred thousand hospital bill but the doctor gave me an idea that I might just shell out half of that (i will remember ‘MIGHT’). Anyway, my mind now is somewhat still shaky, am hoping now things [&hellip

Interview: Coach Ige is in the House!!!

I’ve only attended Mizuno clinics twice and really enjoyed the drills. The guy in charge is no other than Coach Ige (Miguel Lopez), tri-athelete and also a business man. He agreed to be interviewed by The Running Ninja and here it is! Q: Most of the runners identify you as the designated running coach for Mizuno but only a few know that you’re also a competitive triathlete, could you tell us how you started into triathlon and how you ended up working with Mizuno as coach? A: I started hiking mountains since 1995 when I was still in college and eventually joined AMCI mountaineering club in 2000.  All I did was hike, rock climb and run as aerobic training for hiking.  I was invited by a co mountaineer of mine to join a realy team in a half ironman in 2000 in matabungkay.  I did the run leg of 21k. Surprisingly, we placed 3rd overall and I was inspired by these “triathletes” to do 2k of swim, 90k of bike and a 21k of run afterwards. And still party after.  Amazing!!! Q: How does your typical training week look like? hint from : (As a triathlete, Miguel logs 10 kilometers of swimming, 300 kilometers of biking and 50 km of running in a week). A: I swim tuesdays, wednesdays and fridays, I bike mondays, wednesdays and saturdays and sometimes fridays.  I run tuesdays, thursdays and sundays. Q: Only few [&hellip

Does Listening to Music Improve Performance?

In almost all races I’ve joined this year, I saw a great deal of runners listen to their ipods and music players while running. While I understand that they probably don’t want to get bored during the run, I also spoke with some people and told me convincingly that listening to music does improve their performance by helping them defocus on pains they feel during the race. I personally can not verify this as almost all my races, I ran without music player. Although I did try to carry one during my first 21k race , I removed it only after three kilometers because adjusting the wire from time to time was such a distraction and having no playlist during that time, I found myself switching to different songs most of the time, hence I decided to run the rest of the distance without one. After doing some research on the internet, here’s my conclusion: Newbie runners like me MIGHT benefit from listening to music, helping you keep a good pace and takes your mind off some of the things that can slow you down. Just a warning for my readers, as most road races here in Philippines are being conducted on the same road where jeepneys are travelling, you may have to listen with just one ear or keep the volume very low so that you can still hear cars,jeepneys,motors etc coming your way. However as you gain more [&hellip

Running 101

I understand that most of my readers are runners but in my effort to help people to start running as an exercise, I thought I should start a post to help address those people who never run before. If your primary reason to start running is to lose weight and start an active lifestyle, I do believe running is the best course of action. However when you start running competitively, don’t believe those people who still proclaim that running is the cheapest form of exercise. You need to invest on a nice compatible running shoes, running gear, hydration belt, running watch, eye wear and these cost a lot of money. Will probably start a post about this later. This is an 8 week program that I got from and hopefully help you transition into the sport: 1. Get a green light from your doctor before you ever started. If you suffer from high-blood or any heart related issues, this is a must. I remember my dad running with me 4 months ago and upon reaching home, his blood pressure shoot up. We had him checked at hospital and was later told by a cardio that running is not for him as it will elevate his blood pressure more. We later found out that he’s got some issues in the right-ventricle of his heart. So folks, running is NOT for everyone. 2. Buy the right running shoes compatible for your [&hellip

Mizuno Infinity Run 09

I just came from Mizuno Store and registered for Mizuno Infinity 09. Following BaldRunner’s advice to know first the race organizer before joining any race, I asked the Mizuno attendant on who’s going to organize the race. She told me Rudy Biscocho (the same guy who organized Condura) will head this one and so I hope this will be a well organized race. My idea of the  best (Condura) and worst (Paa-Tibayan) race has been defined after attending those 2 races. And so knowing that Rudy B. will head this one, I registered for 15k and paid php 350. All I got is my race packet with the finisher’s singlet to be given upon finishing the race. Information about the race can be found here: Mizuno Infinity Run 2009 However, upon checking their website I noticed that not all info are displayed in the “information and Instruction” section as compared to the race packet I received. For those who haven’t registered yet, here are the missing info from the website: – Bags Check-in Service will be located at the assembly area near the start/finish area. Only one item per person will be accepted – Portable toilets will be provided at the assembly area, seperate for men and women – Race bibs must be worn in fornt, at the center of th erunner’s shirt or singlet. the bibs must be worn througout the entire race. Do not fold or crumple [&hellip

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