My tender big toenail
A Marathon run brought you a new color
Soon you will be gone
I will miss you my friend,
From deep, deep inside.
So Sad, so Sad…

Five days later and 4 lbs heavier after my debut marathon run last Sunday, I finally was able to do a recovery run this morning at oval track. It was just an easy 7km run and up to this day still reeling from painful toe nail on my right foot. It’s completely red while my other foot’s toe nail has a small red patch on it.

I did a quick search in the internet to know how I got this and here are possible causes:

Tight shoes: I’m not so sure of this as the upper section of my Nike LunarGlide+ has enough room for my toe nails

Downhill running: Big toe is forced against the tip of the running shoe which causes excessive trauma. Same as above, there’s more than half an inch space between tip of my big toe and upper-inner section of my shoes

Toe nails not trimmed properly: Screw me I think this is the reason. After the run, I checked my foot and I noticed an extra 3mm toe nail on both big toes. I initially dismissed this as the cause but after doing more research, I found out that one of the preparations you MUST do before a very long run is to trim your toe nails properly. It doesn’t help when somebody assured me that it will turn black after a week and then falls on its own. It’s funny how much effort I’ve prepared for my marathon only to be greatly affected in a negative way by my toe nails.

Having said that, I’m still proud of it because I consider it as a badge of honor for running a marathon because not anyone can completely finish a marathon here in Philippines dba? Now I’m scratching my head whether I should push through with 21k run on July 19 to join Globe’s Run for Home or just rest..oh well.