I haven’t been running for almost a week now. But I just did 2 hours ago. I was puffing every 500 meters that I have to stop, catch my breathe, walk then run again. I only manage to finish 6km. Looking back, I was wondering how I manage to join and actually finish that 102km race that I joined 2 years ago hahahaha! I need to get back my old fitness level. I need to cut my carbs and get back my optimum running weight (that is 130lbs, but I’m 160lbs now damn it!) I need to run more because that the cheapest fix I know of. If I don’t run, my relationship with people, friends and family will be hell. Running keeps me sane, helps me stop taking some medicines to deal with my internal demons and makes things easier for me. I need to run more….now when should I start?