I went to St. Lukes BGC last Monday for a checkup with urologist. After several days, I finally have the courage to have a doctor checked my condition. What made me decide to finally see a doctor was because of the same issue I encountered before, pee on my blood after running or work-out. It was Friday the previous week when I did a light and 30 minutes of workout at Slimmers World Pasay road branch and after the work-out, I saw blood again in my pee. That was enough to scare the hell out of me that I finally decided to visit a hospital. You see I don’t like hospitals. The only time I have to go to hospital is when I have to be with relatives or my love ones confined in hospital and I have to be around to be the errand boy, give moral support, courage and financial assistance (lol).

Anyway, so the doctor asked me a couple of questions and I told him my situaion. I didn’t want to tell him that I’m spending php1,200 for a few minutes of chat with him just for him to confirm my own diagnosis.  So he requested me to go for ultrasound (KUB) and urinalysis.

You know what I hate most about the ultrasound? The nurse/doctor required me that I fill my bladder with water such that my bladder is about to burst through my penis, before they could even do the ultrasound. So I drank 8 cups of water to do that first task and I told the nurse that I’m ready coz I’m starting to feel like a jerk I could pee anywhere. Alas, when she checked my bladder via the ultrasound machine, she confirmed that my bladder is still not yet filled up according to their standards and I have to drink more.

FYI: did you know that we should drink at LEAST two liters of water a day? Yep! She told me that, it makes me realize what my daily consumption of liquid regularly and here it is on a daily basis. 3 cups of coffee, 1 can of carbonated drink (its free in the office!) and if I’m feeling good, 1 glass of water and in the evening, 1 glass of soya milk. That will be my total liquid intake for the day and probably my habit for the past months hahahaha! so I drank more than 2 litres of water in span of 5 minutes.

Anyway, so I drank another 8 cups of water to fill up my bladder but the goddamn bladder will take several minutes to be filled up.  Finally after 10 minutes, I feel like I could urinate in front of the nurse, I told her that they must do the procedure or the inevitable will happen. She checked my bladder via the ultrasound and confirmed that she could start the procedure. You know what I cannot forget about the whole thing was that she was pressing that gun-like device to check my bladder area (and also at the back) and I was feeling jerky and about to puke because of the way she pressed it against my bladder. As she was scanning my bladder I noticed a black mass of something in the screen, I asked her what was it. She told me that she’s not allowed to divulge any info and that I need to check it out with the doctor to confirm it. Her cellphone rang (i thought it should be turned off during any medical procedure!) and I told her that her ringing tone sounded like a 10 note bass slap by Victor Wooten, a popular jazz/punk bass player. I told her that I also play bass guitar and I found out she also play bass guitar. I somehow got her attention and finally we “clicked”. I asked her again whats that black mass of thing I just saw in the screen and she told me its a cyst. She said it in a way like it was nothing for her. The word “cyst” got my attention and the first question I blurted out was if “am I dying soon? How big is the cyst”. She told me its about .4cm and its a cyst filled with water. I have no idea what that meant but for some reason that got my attention, she had to call a doctor to confirm what she just scanned and after some chit-chat with the doctor, she told me that it was nothing, there’s no kidney stone in my kidney, my prostate and bladder is normal and everything. I kinda don’t believe her because I have a feeling she just wanted me to calm down because I’m getting scared *laughs*. She told me that I need to have another checkup with the urologist the next day.

I got home that day hiding the info to my wife. I did some research later that night and found out that a renal cyst could just be a simple renal cyst (which 70%-80% of the population normally develops as they get older) that is not cancerous and will not develop into one  or a complex one which could lead to cancer or already a cancerous cyst. My prayer was that it was just a simple renal cyst and that I could proceed with my life normally.

The next day I was not able to work as I was very worried. I went back to St. Lukes around 4pm and had a chat with my urologist. He told me its not cancerous because its normal in shape, there’s no calcification inside so its just filled up with water and my condition might be the result of exercise induced hematuria. I was about to explode with joy but I have to keep it to my self. I was happy because he confirmed my own diagnosis and I don’t have a complex renal cyst. So there you go, I went back to my life normally and sent an FB update about my status hahahaha!

Now I regularly drink at least 2 litres of water. I also avoid coffee and soda now.  I like to stay this way and I’ll be more careful now. Life is too short and we must exercise extreme caution for your love ones.

So there you go, I’m back!…darn I miss running again…