Almost two weeks ago, I went to Mizuno main office to get some documents signed for my other business. The day coincides with the official press release of Mizuno BE where I was also invited to marvel at their new creation. I don’t have a pair yet so there’s nothing to review, but to give you a clue what is, Mizuno BE is patterned after a Japanese sandal called Waraji. Here’s a photo:


If you look closely above, you better expect a minimalist shoes coming from Mizuno. However, here’s a caveat, its not made for running, you cannot use it during your training runs, tempo or worst use it when you feel like racing. Weighing only 7 ounce, the shoes main selling is point is you can use this to help strengthen and activate your lower leg and foot muscles to improve running performance. So you can probably use this when you’re walking around your house, mall or when you’re doing yoga. However, I won’t be surprise if I see “minimalist” runners running on this shoes.

Here are some photos:


And since I feel like being Santa Claus today, I’m giving a way a voucher which entails the winner to get the shoes for only php1995 (SRP is php 3995). To join, simply comment below and let me know why you deserve it.