Hi. My name is Sam. The aim of this blog is to keep a journal of my running experiences, share my thoughts, give running tips/lessons and simply connect with other runners.

When did you start running?
I started running to get rid of excess fat. I started running Feb of 2009 to help my self get fit and to win a competition in our office called “The Biggest Loser”.  It’s a competition similar copied from that western realty show but the only difference was that we were given 2 months for the game. I resort to running as this is the cheapest way of losing weight. True enough, on the first week where I run 3k everyday, I lost 7.2 lbs. My office mates were shocked/surprised they thought I was just starving myself to death. The following weeks I still ran 3k but 3 times a week and after 2 months of running +joining local races (Condura and Airspeed), I lost a total of 28 lbs. From 181 lbs, I’m now 153lbs.

For those reading this blog

I hope you enjoy reading this blog and learn from my experience as I began my journey as a runner. Please do send comments/clarification if you find some of my tips crazy/wrong so that I can learn the correct ways of doing things related to running. Cheers!