I’ve only attended Mizuno clinics twice and really enjoyed the drills. The guy in charge is no other than Coach Ige (Miguel Lopez), tri-athelete and also a business man. He agreed to be interviewed by The Running Ninja and here it is! Q: Most of the runners identify you as the designated running coach for Mizuno but only a few know that you’re also a competitive triathlete, could you tell us how you started into triathlon and how you ended up working with Mizuno as coach? A: I started hiking mountains since 1995 when I was still in college and eventually joined AMCI mountaineering club in 2000.  All I did was hike, rock climb and run as aerobic training for hiking.  I was invited by a co mountaineer of mine to join a realy team in a half ironman in 2000 in matabungkay.  I did the run leg of 21k. Surprisingly, we placed 3rd overall and I was inspired by these “triathletes” to do 2k of swim, 90k of bike and a 21k of run afterwards. And still party after.  Amazing!!! Q: How does your typical training week look like? hint from inquirer.net : (As a triathlete, Miguel logs 10 kilometers of swimming, 300 kilometers of biking and 50 km of running in a week). A: I swim tuesdays, wednesdays and fridays, I bike mondays, wednesdays and saturdays and sometimes fridays.  I run tuesdays, thursdays and sundays. Q: Only few [&hellip