Globe Run For Home race: First PR and a Surprise

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you would noticed how I would religiously post my race preparations especially my first marathon race where I became so obsessed with it I even detailed my actions on per hour basis prior to the actual start of the race. For this race, I decided to screw my usual pre-race preparation post because I realized however detailed my preparations are, the expected outcome usually never happen because of several factors I don’t have control. However, I always make sure to study my previous race and learn from any mistakes I encountered. Hence in this race, I did some adjustments: Banana Pooping twice on your debut marathon race will sure going to destroy your game plan. My mistake from my marathon preparation was that I was eating 3 bananas per day up to the actual race day. Later I found out that eating too much of it can simulate bowel movements. Hence I totally ignore banana on most days but I did eat a small one coated with honey during the race day for my breakfast. Immodium I’ve been hearing this from fellow runner bloggers that taking Immodium an hour before the race will ensure no stomach upset. I did try this on Thursday and Friday during my usual morning run and seems to work OK on me. This worked well on the race day as I didn’t experience loose bowel movement. If [&hellip

My First Marathon- A Life Lesson (First of Two Parts)

What happened last Sunday could be one of the defining moments of my life. I’ve discovered myself, learned how I reacted to life’s pressures and finally made a 360 degree turn-around to do the right thing. I’ve started everything as planned as detailed from my previous post. I woke up earlier than expected, did  a short prayer, had my breakfast, dressed up and hit the road around 2:00am. I picked up elite runners Ellen Tolentino and sister and a sprinter athlete at 711 station in front of DLSU-D and then headed straight in front of Manila Hotel where I parked my car. Few minutes before we got out of the car and as they were preparing their stuffs, Ellen gave me a suggestion what to take before an actual run. Take Pharmaton. Hahahaha yeah that multivitamin supplement. I’m sure they are not official endorsers of that product and they do mean it to help me out with my race. So these elite runners are taking it before they run, I shall try this in the future and check how it will affect my performance. I did my usual warm up by slowly running around and then decided to go to the nearest McDo where guys were suppose to meet. I got in there around 3:50am but found no one so I decided to go back near the starting area where I met Craig of  Team Logan. We had a [&hellip

Tagaytay-Sta.Rosa LSD- Day To Remember

When Pojie first started the idea of doing Long Slow Distance (LSD) run from Tagaytay to Sta.Rosa over thread, I immideately signed up. While I understand that most of my readers are runners, I want to give new runners a quick idea what an LSD is. The main benefit of a long slow run is to develop aerobic resistance. This differs with medium paced training runs  and with tempo runs which develop aerobic power. This aerobic resistance gained from doing long slow runs is the fundamental building block on which your ability to run a long distance at a sustained speed in a race is built. If you’re gearing up for a marathon race (which I guess most of us at will do this October), LSD is a MUST for all of us. Two more benefits are development of blood circulation system which allows your lungs to move more oxygen to the muscles that need it and, and my favourite one, it burns more internal fat efficiently! FYI, our muscles usually use glycogen as a source of fuel, but during an LDS run,  this runs out and the muscles start to use fats as fuel. It is for this reason why most marathoners have super sexy legs and slim body structure. Now going back to our LSD, we plan to start our run at 4:00 am to avoid the afternoon sun. By Pojie’s estimate, we should be able [&hellip

T’was the day I Ate 20km for Breakfast

My cellphone-cum-alarmed clock woke me up exactly 5am. Was too lazy to get up so I hit “snooze” and fell back to sleep. It again sounded the alarm after 5 minutes so I finally got up to wear my running clothes. Yeah I didn’t take a bath, who’s gonna smell me after all*laughs*. I intend to run all the way so physical contact with any human souls has been ruled out. I also didn’t take a breakfast. After wearing my running attire and applying petroleum jelly to strategic areas of my body to avoid burning sensation after a run, I hit the road running around 5:17 am. After a kilometer, I went to 711 to buy 2 bottles of Gatorade and 3 cheap chocolates. I put one bottle’s contents on my Nike Hydration belt and carried the other one as I run. After passing  Waltermart, SM Dasma then Robinsons Dasma ( yeah we do have more malls that government hospitals in this part of the world!) I knew that I already ran 4 kilometers. I noticed that it was only this period where I began to perspire. Seeing PCU Dasma, I knew I’m already on my way to the 7th km.  At this point, I began more observant of my surroundings. If you’re running around this area, you will notice the following: * There would be mais vendor every 5 to 10 meters. Your eyes will feel uncomfortable as the [&hellip

20 KM Solo LSD from Dasma to Silang Cavite

If I get to wake up early tomorrow and the weather will permit it, I’ll do my solo LSD from home to Silang Interchange and going back. Using Google Earth, I noticed that my route would be a total of 20KM. I plan to do at least one LSD a week, one tempo run a week and speed workout to prepare my self for a marathon on October (still thinking if Milo or QC International Marathon). Dasma is not really a running city so I expect to be running alone. Hoping that things will work out fine tomorrow and no dogs will bother me. Expectations from this LSD * increase my leg muscle strength, endurance and aerobic fitness * observe surroundings * meditate and communicate with God * plan life

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