shih tzu
Dog in the city

I ran another 6km again last Friday followed by another set of intervals. Been doing intervals almost everyday*lol*. Today I decided to stop running for I’ll be running 20km tomorrow morning (Sunday) steady run lang. To help ease fatigue on my legs, for the past 2 days I’ve slept with my legs inclined by 45 degrees. I always notice that my legs feel fresh and fully rested the next morning. I feel like doing this every after intervals. In totally unrelated to running, we went to MOA hours ago to pickup a shih tzu. My wife is complaining that the house is too quiet and my son is harassing me to buy one. Most of you don’t know, we used to have a BIG dog, a golden retriever we bought for 20k. Its a nice female breed, very playful and makulit. But then my wife complained that she could not take care of her anymore because of the dog’s demand. I was honestly pissed when she decided to sell it (but didn’t tell her) because I got attached to the doc. Every Sat I would clear her house and run with her. Long story short, we sold her (and bought a huge refrigerator from the proceed instead lol). That was 3 yrs ago. I’m still teaching myself to love this toy dog

Supplements and speed

I was listening to a podcast by Dave Asprey of and I took note of what Ben Greenfield suggested to maximize performance for athletes. These are: Oxaloacetate Magnesium Malate L-Glutamine Vitamin B12 Amino Acids Branched-chain amino acid I was only able to buy L-Glutamine, Vit B12 and Amino Acids from GNC. Oxaloacetate and Magnesium Malate are not available anywhere (e.g GNC, Mercury etc). Seems like I have to contact my chemist friend to do the job for me. I was hoping/planning to create some bad-ass gel that athletes could use to sustain their optimal performance during their race. But first things first, I have to test it using my body. The best guinea pig there is. Will do more research on those supplements above and try it out during one of my runs. It should be interesting. Tonight’s session consist of 30 minutes steady pace at 6:30min/km followed by 10x 200 meter interval repeats with 1 minute rest in between. I also did intervals last night. My legs felt so soar now, even worst than what I felt after running 21km 4 days ago. Naaadik na naman yata ako&#

Short and sweet

I felt bitin on tonight’s session. Earlier I planned to run in the morning, but then I slept really late kaya I woke up around 7am-ish. What I did instead is do some jogging for 3 km and then interval repeats of 200 meters 8x with 1 minute rest in between. After that I was done. I have no idea what I got myself into, I planned to join a 21km race on Nat Geo but there were no kits available and they were clueless either if they’re gonna have one so I settle for 42km instead. Wala lang, isipin ko nlang its my long run in preparation for July Milo Marathon (the real deal!) O sya, matutulog nko. I hope to run 10km tomorrow morning

Six Kilometers

Tonight I ran 6km, 2 days after my 21km race last Sunday. What surprised me was that soreness was totally gone this early morning. If not for a very restful sleep last night, I would have wake up at 5am and do my run in the morning instead. I’m glad my legs seems to adjust and recover real fast. My pace tonight was kinda fast, I ran 3km at around 5:45-6 per kilometer with 5 minutes break to go back to office for water break. I’m starting to enjoy the thrill of running fast again. Tomorrow, I’ll wake up early in the morning and do some steady 6min/km pace for 1 hour, and do some intervals in the evening. Hopefully I’ll burn more as I’m a bit disappointed of my weight-loss. My latest weight as of this writing is 157.4 lbs and my fat% is at 22%. I must be doing something wrong or my body adjust easily to the regimen that its no longer burning as it should. I must admit that I ate quite a lot because of my b-day yesterday (hehehehe). I still have 1 week to lose more. I think the lightest I could get after a week is 152 lbs. This is going to be interesting

First race of the year after more than a year

Run Unite 2014 part 1 was my first race of the year. The last time I joined a race if my memory served me right was that Immuvit race held somewhere in Rizal 2 yrs ago. Yep 2 years ago. So what happened during those “off-season”. I gained weight. I gained as much as 177lbs  that I forced myself to join another biggest loser contest in the company and sponsored top-prize of 25k for the winner. Obcourse, if I win it, I get to keep my own money*lol*. The motivation not to give that money so easily was enough to keep me sane and starts being active again. So what did I do? I joined football. I long for some sports that require being in a team. With basketball out of question, I joined football because I love the fast pace nature of this sports, the camaraderie that comes with the game and…I got bored of running. I have I think 3 or 4 races that I DNF’ed not because of injury but because I got bored. Yeah, I easily got bored. Football for me changed all of that. But because of the recent event that find my team at the very bottom of 15 company ranking and having a win-less game for 6 Saturdays, I told myself fcuk this sheet I’m going back to running. And so one day, I found myself standing and scratching my balls why the [&hellip

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