How the Entertainment Industry Put Paula Radcliffe in the Spotlight

The birth of champion athletes via strong sponsorships If a marathon race was a deck of cards, who would be your ace? No marathon enthusiast could ever argue that the sport’s most celebrated long distance runner is the English athlete Paula Radcliffe. Battling asthma while overcoming the world’s running circuits, Radcliffe has proven that no condition can stop a champion from being such. With unparalleled achievements, Radcliffe has long graced the spotlight in the sport. She’s the former world champion of the half marathon, marathon, and cross-country events. In fact, she’s also the three-time champion of both the New York and London marathon. But this list of accomplishments is just the tip of the iceberg. Given her success in the sport, she now holds several records and remains an idol for aspiring athletes. But more than her intensive training schedule and a competitive spirit, Radcliffe would have not been what she is today without the entertainment industry. Yes, you heard it right. The entertainment industry has long been a partner of the sport industry. With plenty of casino giants, lottery houses, and poker sponsors funding athlete’s training programs and athletic events, aspiring marathon runners are developed to their full potential. This is particularly prevalent in London where several sporting events are funded by their National Lottery and by casino operators. Casino moguls and corporate partners put their trust in potential athletes. And with an athlete’s success comes the sponsors’ success [&hellip

Dinner with friends at Red Crab-Plaza Venice for Suchero Press

Blas invited me for a dinner with some runner bloggers and some people from other industry for press release of this sugar alternative- Suchero. It was held at Red Crab restaurant located at Plaza Venice. Meeting with some friends, they notice that I gained weight, plus having a longer hair this time, I look like Niño Muhlach na daw (I swear I look like Aga Muhlach now!Pwde nba?). Blas organized this press and I’m really surprise my friend was able to pull this off. Well the foods were great, there were fun games where you’re entitled to win something (the luckiest one was Jazz for winning another runner shoes and Rico for some hotel accommodation somewhere in Bohol. There was also this speech of Joey Villa (Churner Group big boss) about the benefits of Suchero, the sugar alternative. Well, I was really keen on listening to him, as diabetes run in the family, I’m pretty sure its just a matter of time before I myself suffer from some type of diabetes if I don’t check my health and control my sugar intake. Anyway, see the official info below for Suchero which is already available in the market: The Search for the Best Sugar Alternative An organic certification provides assurance that no chemical food additives or processes that may prove harmful over the long run were used to produce a sweetener Unwanted pounds, obesity, and diabetes are some good reasons to avoid sugar and to find [&hellip


I just ran minutes ago and I confirmed that the cause of blood on my pee during my run a week ago was caused by an empty bladder. I ran 3 times for the past 6 days and in all those runs where I drank 1 glass of water before the run, the color of my urine looked normal. So there you go, no more worries for me. My next worry is my weight, it must go down!

Color Manila Run 2013 Logo

Manila goes color crazy as Proactive Sports invites you to the happiest run to hit the Metro, Color Manila Run 2013! Get ready to race through clouds and crowds of Yellow, Blue, Pink, Green, and Purple and dash to the finish line, powder-splattered in rainbow colors. The Color Manila Run 2013 is the first of its kind running event in the country where runners are showered with colored powder in different stations, eventually producing throngs of happy human canvas at the finish line. Be cheered by an army of cheerleaders in Magic Yellow station, enjoy the beats with the drum line at the Ocean Blue area, party like a rock star at the Funky Pink mosh pit, move and groove with fertility dancers at the Evo-Green spot, and get hot with poi dancers at the Fiery Purple stop over. Composed of 1.5k, 3k, 5k, divisions, the first run of the year aims to bring about unique experience of running, infused with a color extravaganza to help encourage new generation of runners to experience the fun and fulfilling sport. The Color Manila Run will also put together the country’s hottest music artists, providing the rhythm and beats during the event. Not just for fun, this exciting run is also for the benefit of Republikha, a non-stock, non profit organization that aims to empower the next generation through music and education, and Hop-E, a foundation moving towards helping eradicate poverty through the [&hellip

Test your fears: Immuvit announces Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012

Filipinos’ love for running will be put to a test as Immuvit introduces the first-ever obstacle trail challenge this August, with the Immuvit Series: Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012.   On August 26, 2012, the La Mesa Nature Reserve will witness the gathering of running enthusiasts putting their love for the sport to the ultimate test.  The first of Immuvit’s three-part series is dubbed as “No Surrender” and is set to excite participants with the addition of different variations to the usual running events. Ms. Valerie Tan-Sison, Brand Manager of Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp. reaffirms that the Immuvit Series: Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012 is holding true to the brand’s commitment of encouraging everyone to live a healthy lifestyle. “We have always been an advocate of living an active lifestyle to help reach one’s optimum health and slow down the effects of aging.  That’s why we were so excited when Coach Jim Saret conceptualized for Immuvit this first Obstacle Trail Run ever organized in the country. Through this race, which is inspired by the Spartan and Tough Mudder Races in the States, Immuvit aims to offer the growing running community a new and totally fun experience. We are hoping to create that mindset of helping others help themselves reach their goals,” she shared. Immuvit brand ambassador and US-educated sports-medicine expert, and athletic-training specialist Coach Jim Saret supports this commitment. His years of experience have proven the value of taking a holistic approach towards health.  “Stress contributes heavily to how fast [&hellip

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