I’m giving away Mizuno BE!!!

Almost two weeks ago, I went to Mizuno main office to get some documents signed for my other business. The day coincides with the official press release of Mizuno BE where I was also invited to marvel at their new creation. I don’t have a pair yet so there’s nothing to review, but to give you a clue what is, Mizuno BE is patterned after a Japanese sandal called Waraji. Here’s a photo: If you look closely above, you better expect a minimalist shoes coming from Mizuno. However, here’s a caveat, its not made for running, you cannot use it during your training runs, tempo or worst use it when you feel like racing. Weighing only 7 ounce, the shoes main selling is point is you can use this to help strengthen and activate your lower leg and foot muscles to improve running performance. So you can probably use this when you’re walking around your house, mall or when you’re doing yoga. However, I won’t be surprise if I see “minimalist” runners running on this shoes. Here are some photos:   And since I feel like being Santa Claus today, I’m giving a way a voucher which entails the winner to get the shoes for only php1995 (SRP is php 3995). To join, simply comment below and let me know why you deserve it

KOTR 2012 race review

I was not prepared for this race. For the past months, my mind was occupied with several things (job,business,family) and these three wreak havoc into my training plan. My weight goal was not achieved due to stress. I just treated this race to get rid of negative vibes, as a favor for a friend to attend this race, and to check for myself if I still have some “mojo” left into my running. I reached the area 20 minutes before the gun start, boy it was so difficult to find a parking lot in BGC unlike before. I parked about 500 meters from the starting line. I didn’t do any warm-up exercise, I went straight into game and try to run a consistent pace. Well, I think I did a good part on that one for the first 8km until things started falling apart approaching the dreaded Kalayaan flyover. For some reason, my body is already conditioned to walk all uphills and run flat roads. I know it was a bad habit but, as my body really can’t handle it, the spirit gave in and I ended up walking all uphills in this event. Gone are the days when I would attack uphills, not minding how my quads would react and still manage to end with a nice PR. I will start working on it and hopefully, I will be able to achieve it within the year. Going back to [&hellip

IMMUVIT Fearless Challenge Trail Run 2012

The trails are calling me&#

World Vision Run

So I have no run for the past 6 days and there I was, finding myself standing near the starting line. I saw Beep Beep doing his usual antics of talking/joking with fellow runners, some foreigners, men/women of different sizes/ages…and a white L-300 2-3 meters away from the same road runners will pass. I don’t know if it was just me, but I was really bothered and asking myself why the driver park his L300 right near the starting line. I trusted that he will move away his van once the actual race started… As I was scanning the crowd, I noticed that the number of participants for the 21km event is a bit smaller compared to the previous race I joined, the Run United 2. I’m not really sure if Filipino runners are not into “charity run”, runners simple flocked any Rio organized race, or lack of PR/Marketing for this event. In the future, I really hope that more runners will join for-a-cause races like this. Anyway, so I heard the announced said something like “the race is about to start in 3 minutes”. But then, it didn’t really materialize as right after that announcement, she called somebody to do the usual warm-up stretch. I could sense some impatience from runners as the race is very likely to start late. After the warm-up stretch, it was followed by a prayer, then some pep-talk from Ms. Miriam Quiambao, then singing [&hellip

I wonder what will happen

6 days. That awkward moment when you’re running a half-marathon and you have no runs for the past 6 days or any equivalent cardio exercise because you’ve been spending late nights watching Love Rain. I blamed my colleagues for talking about this Korean series every lunch-time and during work. So I secretly bought a pirated copy from tiangge and watched the first episode..then second episode..until it was too late I’ve been spending 4 hours a night watching it for 5 days to complete the story. My wife was scolding me what I was doing late at night*laughs*. So I told her the truth, I’m watching a telenovela…FTW! Anyway, so tomorrow’s World Vision run where I will join the 21km event. Its going to be a blast as it will be organized by Pepsquad. I just hope I won’t experience any unusual event tomorrow….abangan ang susunod na kabanata&#

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