Fooled by Randomness

Several months ago, a runner joined Adidas King of the Road in 21km category. He was full of confidence that he will be able to beat his previous PR of 1hour and 56minutes. He got there very early to make sure he will not have issues with parking. He checked his splits, 5km sub 25 minutes, 10km sub 56minutes, 15km sub 1h:23minutes so on…at 17th km along Lawton Avenue……..he just lost it. He didn’t feel any injury, didn’t encounter any untoward incident, he just lost his running mojo. He didn’t finish the race, he went straight to the parking lot, didn’t bother with other runners nor socialized with friends, he just drove away his car….away from it…..away from everyone. He was surprised at this random event, as he never encountered this previously. While driving, his mind was asking “what the hell just happened”. He didn’t bother to over-analyzed the situation; he went on to sleep with that question still unanswered. The next few moments of his life would be characterized with less than enthusiastic training, lousy finish times on road races and worst, a heavier weight, injuries and so on…THAT runner was me

Of Half-marathon madness and Men’s Health Magazine

Hello I’m back! This month I’ll be joining all 21km races namely Eco-Dash,  RotaRun and New Balance. I should have joined Milo San Pablo race (another 21km) first Sunday of this month but I ended up staying in the hospital four days prior to the race day so I wasn’t able to prepare. Anyway come this Sunday, I’m planning to finish 21km within or below 2:17. Why 2:17? Let me show you my race results for 21km so far: 1st 21km race : 2:37 Botak Paa-Tibayan 2nd 21km race: 2:27 Globe Run for Home 3rd 21km race: Plan to finish at least 2:17 If I’ll be able to achieve 2:17 on Sunday, I plan to do 2:07 for RotaRun then 1:57 for New Balance Race. If I don’t do 2:17 on Sunday, I’m back to drawing board and will do changes on training. As you can see, yup I plan to improve my time by 10 minutes for the next 21km races. I know its pressure for me but somehow, I thrive and enjoy the pressure I put myself into. Success on each race is just so sweet I’m always looking forward for improvements on succeeding races. They say when you join a marathon; it can either break you or elevate you into another level. I like to believe I’m in the latter part. The disastrous marathon performance I’ve experienced gave me an opportunity to put more emphasis on discipline [&hellip

I Smell Death…

My tender big toenail A Marathon run brought you a new color Soon you will be gone I will miss you my friend, From deep, deep inside. So Sad, so Sad… Five days later and 4 lbs heavier after my debut marathon run last Sunday, I finally was able to do a recovery run this morning at oval track. It was just an easy 7km run and up to this day still reeling from painful toe nail on my right foot. It’s completely red while my other foot’s toe nail has a small red patch on it. I did a quick search in the internet to know how I got this and here are possible causes: Tight shoes: I’m not so sure of this as the upper section of my Nike LunarGlide+ has enough room for my toe nails Downhill running: Big toe is forced against the tip of the running shoe which causes excessive trauma. Same as above, there’s more than half an inch space between tip of my big toe and upper-inner section of my shoes Toe nails not trimmed properly: Screw me I think this is the reason. After the run, I checked my foot and I noticed an extra 3mm toe nail on both big toes. I initially dismissed this as the cause but after doing more research, I found out that one of the preparations you MUST do before a very long run is to [&hellip

Bad Training Days

All my plans for preparations for ATC race tomorrow went just that, PLANS. I was planning to do a 20k LSD from Dasma to Cavite City. However, I woke up too late I did not pursue it anymore. In the afternoon, I planned to do tempo run for 6  km but ended up doing run and more walk, and worst, end up walking the rest of the remaining 4 km on my way home. Saturday morning came I plan to run, it didn’t happen again due to laziness. My alarm sounded exactly 5am, hit the snooze button, 5 minutes later it sounded, I hit the snooze button again, next time I know it was already 11:30am! I wasn’t really feeling bad, my body seems able but I guess I lack discipline. In every sports, it is discipline that seperates boys from man. This is something I really have to practice if I want to improve myself! With my botched up plan, I’m not really looking forward to beating my 1:1:46 time I had from Greenfields 10k. However, I will still aim for it as I really don’t want to feel bad on that day. Have you had your own bad training day