BMAP Fun Run Race Review

I joined BMAP Fun Run this morning not expecting anything. The last run I did was just an 8km last Wednesday (for the entire week!) and that was it. My plan is to finish this race not more than 1h:10m but not sub 60minutes as I’ve been told that the route is tough with several uphills and with no decent training the past few weeks, I know I’m gonna suck big time. Knowing that the race will be held in Alabang, I woke up around 4:50am. By 5:10am, I was already in my car..yes thats how fast I prepare myself. I was a bit nervous while driving as that road from Emilio Aguinaldo Highway up to the main road going to Daang Hari road was pitch black and driving was more complicated because it was raining that time. I found myself driving all alone in that road and hoping not to see any white lady (I once saw a white lady near Orchard Golf course along Emilio Aguinaldo highway, ok this is for another kwentong barbero). So I was able to drive my way out of that road and the next road is Daang Hari road. This road was scary as well. A portion of the road is flooded and, being me I just traversed that road (in 3rd gear) and I noticed my car slowing down. I thought it was going to be the end of my car (do [&hellip

Diadora Mythos Samurai III Review

I was given a new pair of shoes and guess what’s the name? Mythos Samurai III! – the running ninja’s new weapon. It comes from an Italian brand Diadora, more popular to us Filipinos thru their line of soccer shoes. The Diadora Mythos Samurai 3 belongs to the light range of the Italian brand in terms of running shoes and can fit into the combination and range of shoes designed for racing. The weight of the shoe is at 270 grams (9.5 ounce) making it an ideal shoes for training and racing. I’ve already tried them during my tempo run and I can say its very light and responsive. Its got a good combination of flexibility and lightness, a good choice if you plan to compete in road races on medium-fast pace

On Gaining Weight and Getting Back to Training

Today is the beginning of getting back to my usual training sched. For the past 2 or 3 months, I’ve been very lousy either due to injury or plain katamaran.  So this morning I woke up around 5:00 am and head straight to oval track to do some training. There was no specific training in mind that time, I just went there and see what I can do. This was actually weird considering that i usually plan my sessions. But today, it was one of those moments where you want to surprise yourself with life’s unpredictability. So I went to DLSU-D oval and ran three kilometers in the first lap. My split was: 1st km : 5min:42 sec 2nd km:  5min: 29 sec 3rd km: 4min: 22sec I was able to complete 3 km for 15 minutes and 33 seconds. That was supposetedly a warm-up run gone berseck. This was followed by core exercises. I got bored with those core exercises so I followed it with 10x 150meters all out sprint with 1 minute walk/jog in between. I then proceed with core exercises again and some stretching I learned from Cris Sabal. I love to repeat this again but this time, I will increase my “warm-up” run by 3 km until I reach 12km by Thursday. What do I intend to gain from this? Get back my fitness level fast! I just hope I will have enough discipline to maintain [&hellip

Milo 34th Edition – Isang Madugong Araw

Warning:  This will be my first all-Tagalog blog post, my brain cells were not moving fast enough to translate Tagalog thoughts to English. In short, tinamad ako. Sa mga panahong ito alam nyo na siguro ang mga nangyari sa 34th edition ng Milo. Marami kayong nabasa tungkol sa tagumpay, mga bagong PR na napagwagian, mga birhen na dina birhen, sa larangan ng marathon ang ibig ko sabihin. Ang nakakalungkot, may mga nandaya at may namatay. Pero sa mga nakakita sa akin nung Milo, marami din nagtatanong sa akin “hoy Sam, ano nangyari syo, bigla kang nawala na parang…NINJA!” Ano Ang Nangyari Well ayos na sana ang lahat eh. Ang ganda ng pace ko hanggang 8th km, chillax pace nga mga pare koy. Nsa 5:55-6:05min/km ang average pace. Ka pace ko sila Noelle at Prince pero nauuna ako ng konti. Kse ang evil plan ko eh sige sabay lang ako sa kanila, pero pag dating ng last 5 kilometer, babanat ako ng malupit na parang yun na ang huling takbo ng buhay ko. Alas, ako ang malupit! Pag dating ng 8th kilometer, malapit sa Uniwide, biglang kumirot yung sa banding kidney ko at ilang parte ng tsan ko. Alam nyo mga pare, bago pa man akong tumakbo, may sakit nko sa kidney. Masakit, ang magkasakit sa kidney

Earth Day Run 2010 Race Review

I’ve been very busy last week I forgot to post some stuff on my blog due to my full-time work at a software company, my online raket that I started just last week and another outsourcing business I’m currently working on. To relieve all the stress, I signed up for this race (21km) as part of my tempo-run but also to double-check the condition of my right-knee on longer distances. Sad to say, but I still encountered a sharp pain on the lateral side of my right knee which forced me to utilize more of my left leg and in doing so, caused cramps on my left calf and slowed me down considerably from km 16 up to the finish line. I finished the race based on my timer at 2h:08min+. Here’s my review of the race: Positive: 1. Well marshalled race.One marshall even greeted me good morning which is a rarity in race events here. 2. Enough hydration station (water and electrolyte being served). 3. Race started on time Negative: 1. Lack of kilometer markers.I do believe this is one of those MUST in road races here in the Philippines. All I saw from the entire 21km route were U-turn markers 2. No ribbon in the first U-turn in Ayala area.I remember I overheard one runner on our way to Ayala asking a friend of his (who was already on his way back to Kalayaan flyover) if there were [&hellip

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