Mizuno Running Clinic

Last night I attended the first session of the Mizuno Running clinic headed by tri-athlete/running coach Miguel “Ige” Lopez. I did attend this clinic early this year but I was only able to attend three sessions (they were 10 sessions-all free!). However, I intend to attend and complete all 10 sessions this time. For those who are planning to attend this running clinic, here are the questions you might ask and my answers: 1. Where is this Mizuno running clinic held? Bonifacio High Street – Taguig Metro Manila. 2. What day/time they start? Every Thursday at 7pm. They usually end around 8:30pm to 9:00pm. 3. How much does it cost to join this running clinic? As mentioned above, this is free! 4. I don’t own a Mizuno pair, can I still join? If you go there wearing a different brand of running shoes, this will promptly ask you to leave the place immediately. Ok just kidding, you can go there and register even if you don’t own a Mizuno pair. I myself don’t have one. ? If you own a Mizuno pair, you will be given some discount coupon where you can avail of some Mizuno stuffs at a discount, freebies (possibly a singlet if you complete all sessions, Gatorade bottle for each sessions etc) and bragging rights knowing you’re a member of Mizuno Running Club. 5. How’s a typical Mizuno running session look like? The session would normally begin [&hellip

Running Aid4 at ROX

It was great learning a couple of new things from the speakers at Running Aid4 held at ROX Bonifacio Global City. I was late during the seminar as I ran 3 loops just for kicks. When I got back, I ended up standing at the back. Here are the things that needs to be improved: 1. Sound system is bad. Audio man could have made the speakers louder so that everyone can hear what the speaker was saying. It was so dull I spend a couple of minutes just window shopping during the first part of the discussion. I know its very interesting, but if you can’t hear clearly what everyone is saying, you better do something more productive. Next time, please make it louder to ensure everyone can hear the speaker’s voice. 2. As there were not enough seats available, some people were standing especially at the back. This blocks the view of the project screen for some people way at the back. Maybe put it next time higher. 3. The second part is equally interesting, but pretty much similar to #2, we cannot see what was the guy doing at the floor. I have to do a work-around by watching the whole 2nd part of the seminar on the second floor (where I also saw Jaymie of The Bull Runner) 4. Maybe before the start of the clinic, give some sort of a booklet or just few pages [&hellip