For those of you who want to visit Runnr Store but couldn’t found time to check out the place, I’ve posted a couple of pictures here to give you a sneak preview of what to expect. They also carry other sports apparel from Adidas, Nike,New Balance and Mizuno (which ironically is right beside this store) I like the way they arranged shoes based on the type of shoes you need. For each shoe type, they put all the brands they carry: Mizuno, Asics, New Balance, Adidas,Nike and Newtons. Tread mill for Gait Analysis. The guy manning the machine named Toots asked me if he I wanted to have a gait analysis of my feet. After a 30 second run on the tread mill, he told me based from the video that I’m an overpronator and I would need stability shoes. This is the same recommendation I got from Athelete’s Foot in Glorietta. And the much awaited collection of Newton Shoes! I probably suspect that a great deal of runners go here to see Newton shoes! (including me) If you’re buying Newton shoes, prepare to shell out anywhere between 7k-9k You may contact Runnr Store at:(632) 403-