I Smell Death…

My tender big toenail A Marathon run brought you a new color Soon you will be gone I will miss you my friend, From deep, deep inside. So Sad, so Sad… Five days later and 4 lbs heavier after my debut marathon run last Sunday, I finally was able to do a recovery run this morning at oval track. It was just an easy 7km run and up to this day still reeling from painful toe nail on my right foot. It’s completely red while my other foot’s toe nail has a small red patch on it. I did a quick search in the internet to know how I got this and here are possible causes: Tight shoes: I’m not so sure of this as the upper section of my Nike LunarGlide+ has enough room for my toe nails Downhill running: Big toe is forced against the tip of the running shoe which causes excessive trauma. Same as above, there’s more than half an inch space between tip of my big toe and upper-inner section of my shoes Toe nails not trimmed properly: Screw me I think this is the reason. After the run, I checked my foot and I noticed an extra 3mm toe nail on both big toes. I initially dismissed this as the cause but after doing more research, I found out that one of the preparations you MUST do before a very long run is to [&hellip

My Marathon Preparation for 33rd Milo Marathon

This post will detail my preparation for Sunday’s 33rd Milo Marathon Elimination. I hope you guys send any comment and let me know if I got anything wrong here before its too late. Foods and Drinks before the Race Proper Official race time for 42km runners will start at 4:30a.m. I plan to wake up at least 3 hours before 4:30am so that means I have to be awake by 1:30a.m already. In doing so, I plan to sleep VERY early like 6:00 pm. I’m not sure if this is doable but according to some blogs I’ve been reading, drinking alcohol will help me fall asleep. I will not do this. I will try instead to take a nice shower, get rid of all the noise and turn on the airconditioner and hope this will help me fall asleep fast. By 1:30am, I shall be eating my pre-race meal which consists of 2 regular size banana and a 2 slices of whole wheat bread coated with peanut butter. I’ve been eating this every morning since Monday and will do so until Saturday to ensure my stomach will get used to it. I will not add anything new to my usual breakfast until marathon day. While I understand that waking up as early as 1:30am may be an inconvenience for first time would-be marathoners, this is very vital. First, it will allow my stomach adequate time for digestion, thus reducing the [&hellip

How To Prevent Blisters When Running

Last night I suffered from blisters. I started the run pretty strong on the first half of our Tempo run-cum-LSD, even pacing with one of the fastest beast in takbo.ph group named Wilnar during warm ups. However, the other half was a different story. My legs were still strong, able to kick some ass but unable to run faster. Why? Same story even seasoned ultra marathoners suffer at some time in their running careers. B.L.I.S.T.E.R.S. For newbie runners, blisters are caused by abrasion against your skin. To keep that abrasion from causing blisters, you’ll need to apply some sort of lubricant to your skin. Ideally, use one that will last for the entire duration of your run. As I’ve already been applying Petroleum Jelly from my previous race, I reckon that its probably not ideal for my body anymore. And so I fired a quick shoutout at my facebook wall and asked where I can buy Body Glide which according to runners are better than Petroleum Jelly. Sir Jovie (aka Bald Runner) told me “baka hindi mo alam maglagay ng petro jelly sa paa?”(Translation: Maybe you don’t know how to apply petro jelly on your feet?). Like a grandfather’s advice to his apo, he asked me to check Ultra marathoner Scott Jurek to look at his video for a demo on how to apply petroleum jelly correctly. Visit this link to see the video. Anyway, I did some research in [&hellip

Heart Rate Monitor and How I’m Going to Use It

I remember the first time I joined a road race (Condura Race), I saw a couple of guys running in front of me with black straps peeking out at the back of their white shirts. I honestly thought these guys probably have man-boobs and they were just wearing a bra*laughs*. It was because my idea of a heart rate monitor is something that you would normally found in hospitals and tread mills. Yeah, that’ how naive I was then. Five road races later, I decided to buy my own heart rate monitor watch. I wish I could just buy a GF 405, however, I  can’t do this as I’ve just shelled out a huge amount of money after a vehicular accident I encountered as detailed from my previous post. So I bought a heart rate monitor at 50% discount last Saturday with the aim of  testing it for Mizuno Infinity Run 2009. However, the heart rate monitor wasn’t working (..err..that’s why it was being sold for 50%?) when I tested it Saturday night and so I ended up just using the timer on the race day. My wife brought it back yesterday and the Timex guy replaced it with a new working one. I was able to test it this morning at Oval and I’m very happy with it. How I’m going to use it to improve my performance is probably the next question in newbie runners mind. To use [&hellip

Running 101

I understand that most of my readers are runners but in my effort to help people to start running as an exercise, I thought I should start a post to help address those people who never run before. If your primary reason to start running is to lose weight and start an active lifestyle, I do believe running is the best course of action. However when you start running competitively, don’t believe those people who still proclaim that running is the cheapest form of exercise. You need to invest on a nice compatible running shoes, running gear, hydration belt, running watch, eye wear and these cost a lot of money. Will probably start a post about this later. This is an 8 week program that I got from About.com and hopefully help you transition into the sport: 1. Get a green light from your doctor before you ever started. If you suffer from high-blood or any heart related issues, this is a must. I remember my dad running with me 4 months ago and upon reaching home, his blood pressure shoot up. We had him checked at hospital and was later told by a cardio that running is not for him as it will elevate his blood pressure more. We later found out that he’s got some issues in the right-ventricle of his heart. So folks, running is NOT for everyone. 2. Buy the right running shoes compatible for your [&hellip

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