Meet the Elite Runners

This particular post is in response to Jinoe’s call to help expose our local elite runners so that readers will be more familiar to them and support them for the upcoming international marathons namely Quezon City International Marathon and Subic International Marathon. Honestly, it’s so hard to catch these guys as they normally begin training around 7am where I usually left the oval to prepare myself for work. So I wasn’t able to interview them thoroughly, but hopefully after these two marathons, I plan to do it with some tips on how we “regular” runners can improve more. They already gave a couple of tips to me, particularly Ellen taught me some cool drills, Aileen helped me proper stretching and Cris gave me some points about running form and many others. The first two pictures here is my “secret” training ground where I do my speed work. Outside this oval track is a 250 meter uphill where I do my hill trainings. DLSU-D Oval track DLSU-D Oval grandstand Here are the elite’s pictures. If you fancy staying longer after a race and you happen to reach the awarding ceremony part, you would usually hear these names (if they happen to join the race). Cris Sabal (31yrs old) – 42km winner at 33rd Milo Marathon Finals Aileen Tolentino-Sabal(23 yrs old): winner of so many road races. Ellen Tolentino (26 yrs old) – I know a couple of runner guys who have [&hellip

Mizuno Running Clinic 3rd Session

In the 3rd session of Mizuno Run Clinic, we did a 5km time trial run that included ALL runners. Prior to this session, I have no training at all, the only run I did was an easy 4km run the day after ROTARun. I don’t know what hit me, maybe a runner’s bug or I still carry the disappointment from the previous race. Whatever alibi I got, I know I will suck big time on this 5km time trial run, my only wish for this race is really just to surpass my previous 5km run record (31 minutes) held many months ago (AirSpeed at MOA). With that in mind, I ran the race and finished it at 26:50+. Even if this is just a time trial run, I was surprised the Mizuno staff prepared for this. Surprisingly, we were all given race bib number and for each loop that we passed, we were also given a ribbon to signify that we passed each loop. Distance was accurate as far as I’m concerned, all of us marked with race bib number, with plenty of water and gatorade after the race, this time trial run is almost as good as an actual race! Anyway, here are the pictures: Just look at the kid’s body, you know this kid will have a nice running career in the future! He really took the drills seriously judging by his facial expression. Mizuno staff explaining the [&hellip

Mizuno Run Club 2nd session

Yesterday I attended the 2nd session of Mizuno Run Club headed by Coach Miguel “Ige” Lopez. We started with a warm-up run of 2 loops around BHS, that’s around 2.4 km followed by a short 2 minute break. Drills followed and as expected, Coach Ige introduced some new drills. It gets tougher as the session progresses and my aim is to learn from these drills and incorporate some on my own drill exercises. See pics below: See the kid in Milo singlet? He’s probably just 8 or 9 years old. Future elite runner! We’re taking drills seriously After the drills, we proceed with the run. The plan was to run around the BHS loop twice followed by a 2 minute rest, another run around the loop, 2 minute rest, run 1 side of the loop, 2 minute rest followed by run of 1/2 side of the loop then rest. The goal is as the distance gets shorter, we should run a lot faster. However, I noticed that only few actually followed the plan :)  By the way, I was able to use Mizuno Wave Inspire 4. A review will come on next week. We did a short break and then followed by some stretching exercises to relieve our tired muscles. Spine-breaking stretching exercise for your soul Coach Ige (center in blue singlet) keeps on adding new stretching exercise every session Screw it I’m tired. I’m just going to watch and [&hellip

Mizuno Running Clinic

Last night I attended the first session of the Mizuno Running clinic headed by tri-athlete/running coach Miguel “Ige” Lopez. I did attend this clinic early this year but I was only able to attend three sessions (they were 10 sessions-all free!). However, I intend to attend and complete all 10 sessions this time. For those who are planning to attend this running clinic, here are the questions you might ask and my answers: 1. Where is this Mizuno running clinic held? Bonifacio High Street – Taguig Metro Manila. 2. What day/time they start? Every Thursday at 7pm. They usually end around 8:30pm to 9:00pm. 3. How much does it cost to join this running clinic? As mentioned above, this is free! 4. I don’t own a Mizuno pair, can I still join? If you go there wearing a different brand of running shoes, this will promptly ask you to leave the place immediately. Ok just kidding, you can go there and register even if you don’t own a Mizuno pair. I myself don’t have one. ? If you own a Mizuno pair, you will be given some discount coupon where you can avail of some Mizuno stuffs at a discount, freebies (possibly a singlet if you complete all sessions, Gatorade bottle for each sessions etc) and bragging rights knowing you’re a member of Mizuno Running Club. 5. How’s a typical Mizuno running session look like? The session would normally begin [&hellip

My customized Lydiard training schedule

I’ve mentioned from my previous post that I plan to create a customized program for me incorporating some of the Lydiard principles. The first step involve in this program is to run for 2 hours continuously regardless of the pace. I’ve done this already, running around oval track with my heart rate within my aerobic zone (133-153) three times. The next step is anaerobic running and leg-speed training and this is where I’m going to concentrate most. This step basically consists of hill training and moving your legs fast. The aim of hill training is to bring resistance to the leg muscles specifically those white muscle fibers that are key ingredient for giving you faster speed. It also helps stretch your leg muscles and tendons which eventually will avoid the possibility of having pulled muscles or strained tendons during your actual race. How I’m going to do hill training: Warm-up is a MUST for all kinds of training so I’m going to run around the track for fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes is just my preferred time to spend for my warm-up, but if you find yourself already perspiring and your body feels warm already then you can go to the next step – stretching. Another fifteen to twenty minutes will be spend for stretching. There’s a proper way of stretching which was demonstrated to me last week by elite runner Cris Sabal. I plan to make a blog post with [&hellip

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