Starting all over again

I remember waking up in the middle of the night to pee when my right foot accidentally hit the weighing scale on my way to the bathroom. Out of curiosity, I checked my weight…the scale says 173 lbs. I was not able to fall back to sleep that night, trying to convince myself that I can go back to being active and lose weight really fast. I remember weighing as light as 130+lbs from the very first Biggest Loser Contest edition competition I joined. I believe I lose 19lbs in 6 weeks. I also joined 2 other biggest loser contests in the office where I both won confidently. So losing weight was such a walk in the park for me. Every time I would eat like its the end of the world, I would always think of those moments and though how fast I can easily go back to a slimmer me. However, this over confidence became my own enemy. I soon began eating aimlessly with no exercise. And now…I’m 173lbs. Starting today, I will break that cycle. And to do this, I need to start running again. I already started hours ago, did a 30 minute jog around BGC followed by 5x 200 meter intervals. I felt weird during the entire activity. Few minutes after I began, my hands felts very cold and numb. When I did my intervals, I felt dizzy afterwards. Well, that’s what happened when you’re so [&hellip

How the Entertainment Industry Put Paula Radcliffe in the Spotlight

The birth of champion athletes via strong sponsorships If a marathon race was a deck of cards, who would be your ace? No marathon enthusiast could ever argue that the sport’s most celebrated long distance runner is the English athlete Paula Radcliffe. Battling asthma while overcoming the world’s running circuits, Radcliffe has proven that no condition can stop a champion from being such. With unparalleled achievements, Radcliffe has long graced the spotlight in the sport. She’s the former world champion of the half marathon, marathon, and cross-country events. In fact, she’s also the three-time champion of both the New York and London marathon. But this list of accomplishments is just the tip of the iceberg. Given her success in the sport, she now holds several records and remains an idol for aspiring athletes. But more than her intensive training schedule and a competitive spirit, Radcliffe would have not been what she is today without the entertainment industry. Yes, you heard it right. The entertainment industry has long been a partner of the sport industry. With plenty of casino giants, lottery houses, and poker sponsors funding athlete’s training programs and athletic events, aspiring marathon runners are developed to their full potential. This is particularly prevalent in London where several sporting events are funded by their National Lottery and by casino operators. Casino moguls and corporate partners put their trust in potential athletes. And with an athlete’s success comes the sponsors’ success [&hellip

Dinner with friends at Red Crab-Plaza Venice for Suchero Press

Blas invited me for a dinner with some runner bloggers and some people from other industry for press release of this sugar alternative- Suchero. It was held at Red Crab restaurant located at Plaza Venice. Meeting with some friends, they notice that I gained weight, plus having a longer hair this time, I look like Niño Muhlach na daw (I swear I look like Aga Muhlach now!Pwde nba?). Blas organized this press and I’m really surprise my friend was able to pull this off. Well the foods were great, there were fun games where you’re entitled to win something (the luckiest one was Jazz for winning another runner shoes and Rico for some hotel accommodation somewhere in Bohol. There was also this speech of Joey Villa (Churner Group big boss) about the benefits of Suchero, the sugar alternative. Well, I was really keen on listening to him, as diabetes run in the family, I’m pretty sure its just a matter of time before I myself suffer from some type of diabetes if I don’t check my health and control my sugar intake. Anyway, see the official info below for Suchero which is already available in the market: The Search for the Best Sugar Alternative An organic certification provides assurance that no chemical food additives or processes that may prove harmful over the long run were used to produce a sweetener Unwanted pounds, obesity, and diabetes are some good reasons to avoid sugar and to find [&hellip

I’m giving away Mizuno BE!!!

Almost two weeks ago, I went to Mizuno main office to get some documents signed for my other business. The day coincides with the official press release of Mizuno BE where I was also invited to marvel at their new creation. I don’t have a pair yet so there’s nothing to review, but to give you a clue what is, Mizuno BE is patterned after a Japanese sandal called Waraji. Here’s a photo: If you look closely above, you better expect a minimalist shoes coming from Mizuno. However, here’s a caveat, its not made for running, you cannot use it during your training runs, tempo or worst use it when you feel like racing. Weighing only 7 ounce, the shoes main selling is point is you can use this to help strengthen and activate your lower leg and foot muscles to improve running performance. So you can probably use this when you’re walking around your house, mall or when you’re doing yoga. However, I won’t be surprise if I see “minimalist” runners running on this shoes. Here are some photos:   And since I feel like being Santa Claus today, I’m giving a way a voucher which entails the winner to get the shoes for only php1995 (SRP is php 3995). To join, simply comment below and let me know why you deserve it

Back to Regular Programming

I went to St. Lukes BGC last Monday for a checkup with urologist. After several days, I finally have the courage to have a doctor checked my condition. What made me decide to finally see a doctor was because of the same issue I encountered before, pee on my blood after running or work-out. It was Friday the previous week when I did a light and 30 minutes of workout at Slimmers World Pasay road branch and after the work-out, I saw blood again in my pee. That was enough to scare the hell out of me that I finally decided to visit a hospital. You see I don’t like hospitals. The only time I have to go to hospital is when I have to be with relatives or my love ones confined in hospital and I have to be around to be the errand boy, give moral support, courage and financial assistance (lol). Anyway, so the doctor asked me a couple of questions and I told him my situaion. I didn’t want to tell him that I’m spending php1,200 for a few minutes of chat with him just for him to confirm my own diagnosis.  So he requested me to go for ultrasound (KUB) and urinalysis. You know what I hate most about the ultrasound? The nurse/doctor required me that I fill my bladder with water such that my bladder is about to burst through my penis, before they [&hellip

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