All my plans for preparations for ATC race tomorrow went just that, PLANS. I was planning to do a 20k LSD from Dasma to Cavite City. However, I woke up too late I did not pursue it anymore. In the afternoon, I planned to do tempo run for 6  km but ended up doing run and more walk, and worst, end up walking the rest of the remaining 4 km on my way home. Saturday morning came I plan to run, it didn’t happen again due to laziness. My alarm sounded exactly 5am, hit the snooze button, 5 minutes later it sounded, I hit the snooze button again, next time I know it was already 11:30am! I wasn’t really feeling bad, my body seems able but I guess I lack discipline. In every sports, it is discipline that seperates boys from man. This is something I really have to practice if I want to improve myself! With my botched up plan, I’m not really looking forward to beating my 1:1:46 time I had from Greenfields 10k. However, I will still aim for it as I really don’t want to feel bad on that day. Have you had your own bad training day