I joined this race simply because it’s a night run. With no previous experience running a road race at night, I don’t mind spending Php600. Plus added bonus is I got the chance to bring my wife and son with me. I really intend to get them “expose” to running community with my intention of running with them soon. Hopefully there will be more “family-friendly” races to come such as this. We reached The Fort area around 6:30pm with elite runner Ellen Tolentino and ultraman Pat in tow. Lucky us, there was no “Parking for VIP” rule that day to piss less-privileged runners like us unlike the previous race I joined. As it was too early before the 8:45pm race for 10k runners, I spent a couple of minutes with wife and son around Bonifacio High Street to cool off. Wife decided to go to Market Market! to have their dinner but I hesitate to join for some unknown reason. Off they went to MarketMarket while I walk around to “feel” the atmosphere. As I was walking around, I saw a couple of fellow takbo.ph guys already having their usual chit-chats near ROX area, Runnr store already filled up with runners window-shopping/buying stuffs and some diners (most likely not runners) looking weirdly at the lower section of my body while eating their foods. I know, I should have not worn my bad ass looking CWX tights for that short 10km [&hellip