Running 101

I understand that most of my readers are runners but in my effort to help people to start running as an exercise, I thought I should start a post to help address those people who never run before. If your primary reason to start running is to lose weight and start an active lifestyle, I do believe running is the best course of action. However when you start running competitively, don’t believe those people who still proclaim that running is the cheapest form of exercise. You need to invest on a nice compatible running shoes, running gear, hydration belt, running watch, eye wear and these cost a lot of money. Will probably start a post about this later. This is an 8 week program that I got from and hopefully help you transition into the sport: 1. Get a green light from your doctor before you ever started. If you suffer from high-blood or any heart related issues, this is a must. I remember my dad running with me 4 months ago and upon reaching home, his blood pressure shoot up. We had him checked at hospital and was later told by a cardio that running is not for him as it will elevate his blood pressure more. We later found out that he’s got some issues in the right-ventricle of his heart. So folks, running is NOT for everyone. 2. Buy the right running shoes compatible for your [&hellip

21 Reasons Why I Run

Inspired by Gingerbread Running post on reasons why he run, I thought of making my own. I just finished my very first 21km race last Sunday and so I thought of posting 21 reasons why I run. 1. To lose weight – My most commented post “How I Lost 28lbs in 2 months running” gathered a lot of comments and buzz.  Probably the first reason why I started to run in the first place. 2. To eat foods I love after the race knowing that I won’t gain weight. You can eat foods right after a race without having to worry about gaining weight. Your muscles will absorb them really fast. 3. To be with people with similar passion, for camaderie and friendship 4. To test my limits – It’s a personal challenge I always want to do everytime I run. Can I run for another kilometer? Can I overrun that cute girl? etc.. 5. To help charities – Joining races for benefits give me a very satisfying and purposeful life. 6. I have full of energy. – This is such a great benefit if you are working in an environment where the stress level is high. This includes managing your family at home or at work. Since I started running, I get more done in less time with complete focus on the task at hand. With every week of running I found myself getting physically stronger. 7. To get [&hellip

How I Lost 28 lbs in 2 months by Running

I visited shoutbox of group and there was a discussion on how many lbs of fat we lose by running. I was asked to post a before and after picture when I told them I lose 28lbs in 2 months so here it is. See above. Now for those who are trying to lose weight, here’s what I did. Remember that we have different body structure, different daily routines and so there’s no guarantee you will lose the same weight like mine. Please consult your doctor just to be sure. In a nut shell, its a combination of running and diet. 1st month: 1. Do walk-run for 2 km everyday in the morning. Do this Monday to Friday. On Saturday walk-run for 4 km. I saw an article somewhere that people who runs in the morning tends to be more consistent than those who did at night. I can vouch for that as its been effective during my first month of training. 2. Avoid coffee and fruit juices. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. If you should drink fruit juice, I’d say use REAL fresh juice, not those concentrated juice you buy on the stores. 3. Avoid fatty foods. You know them so I won’t discuss it all here. Feast on fruits and vegetables. I’d go for complex carbs like whole wheat bread. Avoid white bread at ALL times. This is bad carbs. I remember I [&hellip