Hello I’m back! This month I’ll be joining all 21km races namely Eco-Dash,  RotaRun and New Balance. I should have joined Milo San Pablo race (another 21km) first Sunday of this month but I ended up staying in the hospital four days prior to the race day so I wasn’t able to prepare. Anyway come this Sunday, I’m planning to finish 21km within or below 2:17. Why 2:17? Let me show you my race results for 21km so far: 1st 21km race : 2:37 Botak Paa-Tibayan 2nd 21km race: 2:27 Globe Run for Home 3rd 21km race: Plan to finish at least 2:17 If I’ll be able to achieve 2:17 on Sunday, I plan to do 2:07 for RotaRun then 1:57 for New Balance Race. If I don’t do 2:17 on Sunday, I’m back to drawing board and will do changes on training. As you can see, yup I plan to improve my time by 10 minutes for the next 21km races. I know its pressure for me but somehow, I thrive and enjoy the pressure I put myself into. Success on each race is just so sweet I’m always looking forward for improvements on succeeding races. They say when you join a marathon; it can either break you or elevate you into another level. I like to believe I’m in the latter part. The disastrous marathon performance I’ve experienced gave me an opportunity to put more emphasis on discipline [&hellip