While doing our grocery last Saturday, I spotted a blind massage center in Waltermart Dasma which is interestingly located in the same section where DVDs, mobilephones and PSPs are being sold. As I haven’t got myself a massage that week, I hurriedly scheduled a massage for myself on that day. There were four massage therapists available and all of them NOT wearing dark sunglasses. This scene made me remember the time I had my massage from another blind massage center in another mall here in Dasma. As I paid my fee to the supervisor and gave a tip to the “blind” therapist wearing sunglasses, on my way out, I actually saw the guy removed his sunglasses and overheard the guy blurted out “10 pesos lang kuripot!” (translation: 10 pesos only, stingy!). So I thought having “real” blind masseur this time will probably make the experience more positive While inside their small booth, the person in charge asked me to choose one from the available therapists and I chose the guy because I thought a women therapist might be too “soft” for me. And so the session begins. He did a few sample pressures on my back while asking me if it’s too soft or too hard. I told him he could massage me the “hard” way. He first started at my back, using his fingers to apply pressure by pressing it along what he said was my body’s “energy pathways”. [&hellip